There are endless wives’ tales, stories and general misinformation surrounding coffee and the caffeine we all crave in it are astonishing. They are good for a laugh but it’s scary some people actually believe some of the insane “facts” about coffee. Facts ranging from coffee making you dehydrated and coffee being dangerous to pregnant woman are as old as commercial coffee itself. Luckily we are here to debunk these myths once and for all and tell you exactly why you should be drinking coffee and lots of it! In our 10-day series we will outline why coffee is good for and not just ask you to take our word for it but back it up with cold hard science. But before we do that we thought we would share some of the common and more funny myths about coffee.

Myth 1 – Coffee is dangerous for pregnant woman.

This is what I would say is the most common myth surrounding coffee and like most myths they are rooted in some truth that gives the myth some credibility. McGill University in Montreal has done extensive testing around coffee drinking and dangers of miscarriage and found there is a relationship between the two when coffee is excessively consumed and particularly high caffeine content coffees are consumed throughout the day. This may sound scary but research from American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2010 shows the reality is if you consume 200mg of caffeine or roughly two cups a day is perfectly fine and won’t have any effect on you or your baby.

Myth 2 – Coffee is a great tool to lose weight.

This myth also is based on some pretty sound reasoning and has been circling for a long time because of it. The myth claims that the stimulating effects of caffeine increase your metabolism and therefore is good for weight loss. Well caffeine actually does increase your metabolism as the myth suggests it is such a small increase it will literally have no effect on you. Some have claimed that coffee is a good meal replacement as it helps delay the desire to eat. While this is also true it is important to remember that although a cup of coffee is only 7 calories most people drink it with milk, sugar and sometimes cream. The effects of weight loss proposed by the coffee are heavily outweighed by the spoon of sugar and the fatty milk.

Myth 3 – Coffee is a great way to cure a hangover or sober up.

This myth is not only ridiculous but it is downright scary. The myth stems from the fact that the caffeine in coffee will stimulate your body and “flush” out the booze. While coffee will certainly wake up a drunk person it won’t lessen the effects of the alcohol, lower your BAL and will probably make a hangover worse as mixing alcohol and coffee will likely upset your stomach.