So you like coffee but you know nothing about it and all the jargon sounds like a foreign language!

Well let’s decode it. Let’s start with the basics. What is the difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans?

Arabica and robusta are different species of coffee trees. They are the two most commonly cultivated coffee trees out of over a 100 different species of coffee.  Their scientific names are Coffea Arabica and Caffea Robusta. The robusta species produces more coffee beans in comparison with the arabica species so the arabica bean is more expensive to produce. The robusta bean is also less sensitive to bugs!

Let’s get detailed !


Now that we have the boring details out the way let’s get down to what actually counts. Arabica beans have a sweeter taste with a hint of fruit and berries and robusta have a stronger taste, with a hint of burnt rubber (that is how some people describe it). It has been said that the smell of an unroasted arabica bean is similar to blue berries whereas the unroasted robusta bean is like raw peanuts! Robusta is most commonly found in instant coffees. Some espressos might contain a mix of robusta and arabica beans as robusta beans are said to produce a good crema and of course the additional kick of the higher caffeine content. Supermarket beans are often robusta with some brands selling arabica. High quality European coffees are usually arabica beans. Of course it all comes down to your personal taste. At Bean Hook Up we say arabica all the way! For coffee freshness and convenience see what “hook ups” we have on offer.

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